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BPS was founded by Ken Bailey, inventor of the first portable hydrogen fuel cell and an industry insider since its inception. Bailey's other innovations in the field include the first automotive hydrogen fueling system and the first retro-fit for diesel vehicles. Early on, Bailey recognized hydrogen's potential to eliminate hte harmful emissions produced by carbon-based fuels, especially diesel.

During development of the current technology Bailey has given demonstrations of his findings to scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and other premier research institutions. Particularly memorable was a conversation with a physicist who was part of the elite team of scientists from the Manhattan Project. After Bailey told him of the energy yields the process was producing, the physicist replied, “That’s not possible.” To Bailey, this confirmed what he already knew–that his team was on to something special.

Bailey’s other work includes collaborating with the likes of Marty Cooper (inventor of cellular phones), Sol Heytow, (airport metal detectors and wands); Sheldon Howard, (cruise control for U.S. cars); Selwyn Lissak (holograms) and the legendary Earl Muntz, whose invention and promotion of the four-track car stereo was part of a practice that became known as “Muntzing,” which involved simplifying otherwise complicated electronic devices to enable widespread adoption by consumers. The list of technology patents issued to Bailey is extensive and includes innovations that led to the development of satellite television services and the secure transmission of payments by credit card.


Latest News

BPS is in the process of converting the first Diesel #2 ocean vessel to H2 to eliminate sulfur and other toxic gases from all ships at sea.


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  • Address:  1825 Corporate Blvd., Ste. 110
                    Boca Raton, Florida 33431
  • Phone:      561.952.2636
  • Toll:          888.498.0112
  • E-mail:      ken@baileyps.com
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