H2 Breakthrough

Hydrogen Manufactured Onsite on Demand!

– For Fuel Cell Vehicles – $10.00 / Kilogram (including CSD equipment amortization)

– Cargo Ships – Diesel Conversions to H2 (eliminates sulfur & C02 – gross weight reduction)

– Microgrids – Diesel Conversions to H2 (eliminates C02 – no delivery costs)

Five U.S. Domestic & International Patents Pending.

While a minimal amount of amps are required to trigger ignition, the reaction that follows remains self-powered for as long as water is supplied to replace the water that is consumed. The process stops only when the internal plates become too degraded to continue. Replacing them takes about 30 minutes and enables the process to run for another two years. Nothing similar exists in the field of hydrogen generation and the process is profoundly applicable for use as an alternative fuel as it's:

With no external power, the process outperforms "steam-methane reforming," the industry standard for large scale production and that generates 95% of the world's hydrogen. In comparison to the BPS process, steam-methane reforming consumes tremendous amounts of external power in order to create the high pressures and temperatures of up to 1,832 degrees required to reform methane into hydrogen. Natural gas is almost always the source of the methane used for the process.

About us

BPS was founded by Ken Bailey, inventor of the first portable hydrogen fuel cell and an industry insider since its inception. Bailey's other innovations in the field include the first automotive hydrogen fueling system and the first retro-fit for diesel vehicles. Early on, Bailey recognized hydrogen's potential to eliminate the harmful emissions produced by carbon-based fuels, especially diesel.

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