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Kenneth S. Bailey – Founder / Chairman / President

Kenneth Bailey
For more than 30 years, Mr. Bailey has been involved in the development of cutting-edge technologies. Mr. Bailey is the founder of BPS and several other companies. He is also an entrepreneur and and Serial Inventor with more than 35 International Patents. Ken has collaborated with other Inventors: Marty Cooper – Cellular Phone Inventor, Selwyn Lissak – Holograms, Sheldon Howard – Cruise Control, Sol Heytow – Airport Metal Detectors, Earl Muntz – Big Screen Televisions, and Van Mead – Contact Lenses. Ken managed Subscription Movie Services at: Baltimore Home Theater, Hoosier Home Theater, Best Vison, American Cable, and RSTV Technology (Australia). Ken started TVRO Satellite Dish Industry in Ohio, New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. Ken has lived abroad in Canada, Japan, Fij, Australia, New Zealand, Maui, Hawaii, France and 10 U.S. States.

William T. Graham, CEO

William Graham William T. Graham is a former Corporate Director of Photography at American Media, Inc. (AMI), which owns and operates the leading print and digital celebrity media brands in the United States (Us, InTouch, Life & Style, OK!, Closer, National Enquirer, Star, Globe, Radar, etc.). William’s responsibilities included building a network of trusted, part-time editorial workers worldwide and organizing and directing their efforts on behalf of AMI. He was responsible for producing numerous pages of editorial content in a deadline-driven, high-pressure environment unfathomable to many executives in traditional types of business. While doing so he was responsible for more routine management functions of budgeting, planning, organizing, hiring, etc. Upon leaving AMI, Mr. Graham relocated to Los Angeles where he became director of operations at two of the largest news and photo agencies in the city, a position that put him in regular contact with leading news media worldwide.

Peter Jordan – CEO – International Division

Peter JordanDuring his 25-year corporate career, Peter has contributed to several large public corporations as well as startups. As a Founder and Corporate Executive Team leader for several key technology developments, Peter built Enterprise sales and business development teams that supported direct and indirect revenue models. Several of these companies exited with successful acquisitions by either EMC, Cisco or Vista Equity Partners. 

In 2001, Peter joined HighBAR Partners as an Operating Executive. For 14 years his primary role was to perform due diligence, consult and advise with HighBAR’s startup portfolio companies as well as raise startup funding from Venture and Corporate Capital. By reviewing these startups business models, he helped them to find product market adoption with unfair advantages, create the viral affect and a build a repeatable sales model which has brought significant valuations for each company. In addition, he also assisted in the HighBAR Fund raising process that successfully secured over $200M. 

He received a BA from the University of Vermont, played NCAA II ice hockey and participated in US Olympic Sailing and Americas Cup development programs.

Agnes Mathiesen – CEO of Bailey Power Systems Corp., Norway

Agnes Mathiesen Agnes Mathiesen has more than 28 years of experience, including the cruise industry. Agnes is the Director of Sales and Marketing for The Viking Planet Oslo AS. Her previous experience includes being Director of Sales and Marketing with Xperium AS and VisitOSLO. Agnes has been the Manager of Port Operations for the Orient Lines and NCL America, as well as being the Port Agent at the Port of Miami.

Kelly Connolly – V.P. of Investor Relations – USA

Kelly ConnollyKelly Connolly is an inventor, actress, choreographer, stunt actor and fitness expert. Kelly was Brittney Spear's body double on music video '3'. She was the So You Think You Can Dance bill board image. Kelly performed on the American Music Awards with Salena Gomez and America's Got Talent. She was also in a Nikon commercial with Ashton Kutcher. Kelly is also credited with a variety of recurring dance, stunt, and acting roles on hit TV shows like AMCs The Walking Dead, The Rookie, The First, Banshee, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing With the Stars, Nickelodeon's Fresh Beat Band, Cold Case, Malcolm In the Middle; with recent roles in feature films Aztec Warrior, 68 Kill, Ride Along 2, Disney's Invisible Sister, Mind Puppets, Refugio and Hot Tub Time Machine 2; numerous musical theater performances including A Chorus Line, The Sound of Music, Camelot, Beauty and the Beast, and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Kodak Theater and Hollywood Bowl, and as an instructional fitness model for Tapout, Hip-Hop Abs, Cybex, and Orbital 360.

Kelly recently served as lead choreographer and assistant director of America Rocks fleet wide for Carnival Cruise Lines, BLITZ on Bahamas Paradise, and VooDoo Bluez as creative director and choreographer. Kelly was also the choreographer for The 11/usionists 2.0 at The Sydney Opera House, before being part of the Inaugural cast of The 11/usionists on Broadway. Kelly choreographed Sweeny Todd, Rent and American Idiot at the Children's Musical Theater in San Jose, California.

J.L. Osborne IV – Director of Licensing

J.L. Osborne, IVWith a career in science and engineering that allowed him to work for Rockwell International on their most elite programs, such as the Space Shuttle and NAVSTAR satellite projects, Mr. Osborne's work as a protege and collaborator of the late Professor Yull Brown gives him a unique ability and insight for the deployment of the advanced Bailey process for producing "green" hydrogen from water.

The notion of producing "energy from water" has been the subject of conjecture for hundreds of years, but it gained credibility during the 1970's when Professor Brown invented a highly efficient alkaline electrolyzer for the dissociation of hydrogen and oxygen from molecules of H20. With a background in hard science, and a known associate of Albert Einstein, Professor Brown was the first to produce credible demonstrations that "Brown's Gas," as it was referred to, was a viable, non-polluting energy source. Professor Brown was living and working in Australia at this time, and it was during a visit to Australia, that Mr. Osborne convinced Mr. Brown to move to California. The two remained close friends and collaborators from 1988 up until the time of Professor Brown's death in 1999, after Mr. Brown’s return to Australia.

Professor Brown bequeathed to Mr. Osborne the rights to much of his work and labratory notes that he pioneered, as an individual, as well as their colaborative work together. In addition to his work with Professor Brown, Mr. Osborne went on to develop a novel identification technology with BPS' Founder and President Kenneth Bailey. Earlier, Mr. Osborne became an electrical power systems engineer for the City of Pasadena, CA —the first Black American to hold that position.

During the period 1999-2003, Mr. Osborne served as Director of Strategic Corporate Planning and Development for V-Tel Communications and attained considerable financial success while pursuing a variety of real estate and science-based commercial development projects, including the Moss Landing desalination project at Monterey Bay, where he was asked to join the Board of Directors in 2019. Additionally, Mr. Osborne’s achievements included serving as chairman and principal research scientist at Vantana Geo-physics in 2014. Under his leadership, Vantana was made a subcontractor by the State of California for the removal of the Carmel Valley dam. As Mr. Osborne's income stream grew over the years, he became active in philanthropy and his various pursuits in the field were recognized by service institutions and government entities at local and national levels, where he received Certificates of Honor, from several organizations.

Stephen Chaplin – International Business Development

Stephen ChaplinStephen is an Australian entrepreneur, involved in many industries including mining, energy, property development, chemical manufacturing and commercial fishing. He is a current director and sits on the boards of numerous private and public companies. Stephen has been the Managing Director of the Eucalip Group Pty. Ltd. since March of 1986 (33 years).

Stephen is in the import/export business in Australia, and has been certified to sell products to the Australian Military, as well as the United States Government.


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BPS is in the process of converting the first Diesel #2 ocean vessel to H2 to eliminate sulfur and other toxic gases from all ships at sea.


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